Silence Is Violence

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Peace Clinics (PMC):: Every young person deserves to pursue a personal path to success. SilenceIsViolence Peace Clinics nurture high-risk New Orleans youth through arts-based workshops that focus on creative approaches to peace and anti-violence.

Victim Allies Project (VAP):: Respect and compassion for victims makes our communities more civil, stronger, and safer for everyone. This project offers emotional, logistical, and material support to victims of violence and families of homicide victims.

Peace Walks: Community-led evening strolls through our neighborhoods intended to nurture connections among neighborhoods, establish a positive, anti-violence presence on our streets, and to bring new faces to businesses around the city.

Silence is Violence

The mission of SilenceisViolence is to call upon both citizens and public officials to achieve a safe New Orleans across all communities. We engage youth in positive expression and actions to counter the culture of violence. We demand respect for every life, and justice for every citizen in our city.

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Public Safety Resources or 504-822-1111 for Crimestoppers to report criminal activity

Police: Emergency 911 Non-emergency 504-821-2222 FBI NOLA Field Office 504-816-3000

Criminal Sheriff's website and criminal docket:

New Orleans Family Justice Center, sexual assult and domestic violence assistance, (504) 592-4005 Family Justice Center

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