Silence Is Violence

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SilenceIsViolence October 31 update

Date: Wed, Nov. 05, 2008

Things are bad in the streets of New Orleans right now.  Every day, it seems the news becomes more shocking and more tragic than the day before.  New Orleanians continue to be assaulted and murdered in unacceptable, unforgiveable numbers.  As citizens of this city, we sometimes feel powerless to curb the violence and spread a message of peace.  Yet when the violence is most overwhelming, it only becomes more important that we raise our voices in protest and reach out to our fellow citizens, and especially our youth, with peace.


This weekend brings a number of peace-oriented events, especially in Central City, that seek to unite citizens and organizations in our continued determination to spread peace and foster alternatives to violence for our young people.  On Saturday, a "Peace Pilgrimage" will depart from the statue of Martin Luther King Jr. at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Claiborne Avenue, winding from there through Central City (  The same day, from 2 to 5pm, a "Horns for Guns" event will encourage young New Orleanians to literally and figuratively lay down weapons in favor of positive creative pursuits.  The Horns for Guns resource event will take place at the Treme Community Center  (1600 St. Philip St.) and at the Progressive Baptist Church (1214 S. Robertson St.).  Artistic partners include YA/YA, Roots of Music, and The Porch.


Then, next Tuesday will bring a real opportunity for individual citizens to claim a voice in the current struggle for safety in our streets.  There is no elected office more critical to our public safety than that of District Attorney.  Every citizen should take the next few days to examine closely the records and plans of the two run-off candidates, Ralph Capitelli and Leon Cannizzaro.  We hope to see both candidates out over the weekend at the various peace-oriented community events, to speak to families and friends who have lost loved ones to the violenc, and to hear first-hand the concerns of the community.  As the community evolves, violent trends follow, and it is essential that our District Attorney remain in touch with the community and our changing concerns month by month and year by year.


Hopefully next week, and the election of a new District Attorney, will mark a new era of increasing safety for our city.


Have a safe Halloween, and we hope to see you on Saturday.