Silence Is Violence

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Hi everyone, and thank you for the incredible show of support

Date: Mon, Mar. 19, 2007

Hi everyone, and thank you for the incredible show of support at our

benefit concert last Sunday! We enjoyed seeing so many of you, and we

raised over $5,000, which will go toward the Dinerral Shavers

Education Fund, the Program for Peace in our Schools, and the

SilenceIsViolence Youth Music Clinics (find more information about

these programs on our website, More

importantly, on Sunday night the Mid-City Lanes Rock-n-Bowl buzzed

with a renewed sense of hope that a cross-section of citizens, unified

in purpose, focus, and love for our city, can impact our safety and

comfort in New Orleans. As Nakita Shavers said during her remarks at the benefit, the change

will not come overnight. But the number of local groups currently

pursuing a variety of anti-crime initiatives demonstrates a

coalescence of citizen energies around the issue of crime. And the

growing spirit of collaboration among these groups and across the city

as a whole with regard to anti-violence is laying the foundation for a

strong and sustainable shift in our standards for New Orleans. On Sunday night, SilenceIsViolence announced several new initiatives

that we invite you to participate in:

City Walks.

Beginning Sunday, March 25, SilenceIsViolence will coordinate a series

of walks through our city. The City Walks are designed to nurture the

bond and sense of unified purpose among our neighborhoods that was so

important during the January 11 March For Survival. They will begin

at 7pm in one neighborhood and proceed to an establishment in another

neighborhood, taking about 30-45 minutes en route. At the destination

establishment, there will be a small reception with live music. Watch

for the weekly route on our website and in our email updates.

City Walk #1: Sound Cafe (Lower Marigny/9th Ward) to Seal's Class Act (7th Ward)

March 25, 7pm. Specific route to be established next week. Public Access Television.

This week we begin taping of a regular series of public-access TV

programs, during which Mayor Ray Nagin will address the public

specifically on the subject of violent crime. Mayor Nagin will speak

to recent developments on our streets as well as updating us on his

own activities and progress in the fight for a safer city. The Mayor

will respond to questions posed by different citizens each week,

beginning with students involved in the SilenceIsViolence Program for

Peace in our Schools. A broadcast schedule will be posted on our

website as soon as it becomes available. Police Meet and Greet.

On Thursday, April 5 SilenceIsViolence will host the first of a series

of meet-and-greet gatherings designed to build confidence and respect

between citizens of the Fifth District and our police officers. The

gathering will take place at Sound Cafe from 5pm to 7pm and will

feature music and refreshments. Subsequent gatherings will be held at

different times so that all citizens and police officers have an

opportunity to attend. Thanks again for making Sunday night such a success! If you could not

make it but would still like to make a donation toward

SilenceIsViolence programs, please visit our website, where you can

use our Paypal button or contact us about sending a check.