Silence Is Violence

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VIP Ladies feature Peace Clubs

Date: Sat, Mar. 20, 2010

Come out on Sunday to enjoy the annual VIP Ladies and Kids second-line parade, and support SilenceIsViolence Peace Club members from Booker T. Washington High School, who are featured guests in the parade! The students have been working for months with the Black Forest Fancies to create a beautiful float that they will pull at the front of the parade.

Sunday's parade begins at 12:30pm and ends at 4pm. Below is the complete route. Congratulations to Allison Goodman and the Black Forest Fancies for creating this exciting opportunity, and thanks to the VIP Ladies and Kids for being our gracious hosts!
To learn more about the SilenceIsViolence Peace Clubs and the important work they are accomplishing in Orleans Parish public schools, visit

VIP Ladies and Kids Social Aid and Pleasure Club Annual Parade

Sunday, March 7, 12:30pm

Dorothy’s Lounge (1528 S. Liberty); proceed out S. Liberty to Felicity St. Turn left on Felicity St. Out Felicity St. to Simon Bolivar Blvd. Turn right on Simon Bolivar Blvd. Out Simon Bolivar to  Jackson Ave. Turn Left on Jackson. Proceed out Jackson Ave to Baronne St. Turn right on Baronne St. Continue out Baronne to Second St. Right turn on Second St. Out Second St. to Dryades St.

Stop: Sportsman Corner(2433 Dryades St.); Out Dryades St to Danneel St. Turn Left on Danneel St. Out Danneel St. to Washington Ave. Turn Right on Washington Ave. Out Washington Ave to S.Saratoga.

Stop: Purple RainContinue out Washington Ave to Loyola  turn left Loyola to Foucher st. Left Turn on Foucher St. Out Foucher St. to S.Saratoga.

Stop: The Other Placeturn left on S.Saratoga. Out S.Saratoga to Louisiana Ave. Turn Left on Louisiana Ave. Continue out Louisiana Ave. to Feret St. Make a left turn on Feret St. Continue out Feret St. to Gen. Taylor St. Turn right on Gen. Taylor. Continue out Gen. Taylor to Magnolia St.

Stop: Silky’s Lounge ; Continue out Gen. Taylor to S. Claiborne Ave. Turn right on S. Claiborne Ave. Continue out S. Claiborne Ave to Washington Ave. Make a left turn onto Washington Ave. Continue out Washington Ave to S. Rocheblave.

Stop: Tapps II/Fox LoungeContinue out Washington Ave to Stanley U

Disband: Stanley U:( 4300 Washington Ave)