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NOPD Task Force Update 2

Date: Sat, Mar. 27, 2010

The following digest of the NOPD Superintendent search process was posted by the Landrieu administration this week. The actual post for the position is also included below. This update will explain the remaining steps of the process, right up to Mayor-Elect Landrieu's appointment of our next poiice chief. As always, please contact us with any questions, concerns, or further input. The Task Force will continue to engage with this process through its completion, and every voice and experience is very important.

In order to help collect public satisfaction and experiences with the NOPD over the coming weeks and into the new administration, SilenceIsViolence will re-instate our "Police Interaction Log" public feedback program. This program allows for anonymous of individual encounters--postive or negative--with New Orleans police officers and management. We are then able to use your specific reports to compile documentation of trends and examples of behaviors that the Landrieu administration and the new NOPD management will want to be informed about.

Watch for a form to be posted on this website during the next week that can be filled out online or printed and mailed in. Because finding a qualified police chief is only the beginning of building a stronger relationship between citizens and the law enforcement officers charged with protecting and serving each of us.

mission of Nopd task force

The mission of the NOPD Task Force is to initiate the search process for the next Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department. The search process includes: gathering community-wide input on important characteristics for the next Police Chief, creating a profile for the next Police Chief that addresses the specific needs of New Orleans, and selecting a final pool of 3-5 qualified candidates for consideration by the Mayor-Elect.

national search

Transition New Orleans has engaged the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to assist the NOPD Task Force with a national search for the most qualified candidates for the Superintendent position. IACP is a nonprofit corporation chartered in the District of Columbia and is the world’s leading association of law enforcement executives. It has more than 20,000 members in over 100 countries.

Search Process

Job and Candidate Profiling

To date, the NOPD Task Force has sought input on important characteristics and qualifications of the ideal candidate in order to create a profile for the next police chief who will lead New Orleans to a new standard in public safety.  The Task Force has received input from current law enforcement and criminal justice members; from external consultants with experience researching and matching successful law-enforcement managers to cities who need them; and from New Orleans residents and community members through surveys and community meetings.


IACP Network: Using IACP’s nationwide network of government and police executives, the IACP proactively searches for ideal candidates. IACP representatives also discuss the position with respected police leaders across the country and solicit their recommendations.

Advertising:  A job posting has been created and placed on the IACP’s career Web site,  The specific job posting for the NOPD Superintendent can be found at The deadline to apply is April 2, 2010. The IACP also sends a job announcement by e-mail to selected prospects from the IACP membership database.

Professional Associations: The IACP will share the job announcement with other law enforcement professional associations, including the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), the Hispanic American Command Officers Association, National Center for Women and Policing, the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, and the Police Executive Research Forum. To promote contemporary police leadership, the IACP maintains working relationships with these and other professional law enforcement associations.

Applicant Screening and Evaluation

IACP will receive and acknowledge all resumes and cover letters. Based on a review of these materials, a team of evaluators – comprised of IACP and NOBLE leadership - will make a recommendation to the NOPD Task Force regarding a group of semifinalists (an estimated 20 in number). The team of evaluators will then conduct detailed telephone interviews with each semifinalist candidate. Based on the telephone interviews and on preliminary background checks, IACP will recommend to the NOPD Task Force a group of the most highly-qualified finalists for further on-site evaluation (an estimated 8 in number).

Structured Interviews — On Site

Three sets of parallel interviews will be conducted with finalists during the on-site interview process:

Peer Evaluation Interview: A structured interview of each finalist will be coordinated by IACP and conducted by law enforcement professionals.

NOPD Task Force Interview: An interview of each finalist will be conducted by Task Force members. Questions for this interview will be developed in advance by Task Force members after full review of candidate credentials. These predetermined questions will be asked of candidates during the interview process.

NOPD Task Force Executive Committee Interview: A give-and-take interview with each finalist will be conducted by the NOPD Task Force Executive Committee Members.


Upon completing the interview process, the members of the Peer Evaluation interview panel and of the NOPD Task Force interview panel will meet with the Executive Committee in order to share observations regarding candidate strengths and weaknesses.

The IACP search team will document candidate strengths and weaknesses, as revealed by interviews and other methods. Based on all information developed, the NOPD Task Force Executive Committee will further narrow the field to approximately three candidates for consideration by the Mayor-Elect. Final selection of a candidate will be made by the Mayor-Elect.