Silence Is Violence

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June 14th Weekly Update!!!

Date: Tue, Jun. 12, 2007

Dear Friends,

The news this week is as grim as the heat is high. At times like

these, we need to

come together in our communities, among friends, and remember to take care

of ourselves as well as each other. And remember that what ever you

can do, can make

a difference. On Thursday June 14th, there will be another pre-trial hearing in the

case of David Bonds, who has been charged in the murder of Dinneral

Shavers in December of last year. We are asking that all who can come

please join us at the hearing, which is on the docket for Section I,

Judge Raymond C. Bigelow. When we met with the ADA assigned to the

case early in the year, we were told that it was one of the rare

cases: the police had witnesses, and a weapon. Six months later,

there are still no ballistics results on the gun and the mother of the

young witnesses is reluctant to allow further testimony. Others who

were at the scene of the crime have decided to remain silent, and the

detective charged with bringing information in support of the case is

reluctant to ask for their testimony. This is how even a solid case

can begin to fall apart. Please join us at the hearing on Thursday

and let everyone know that we are watching:

9AM Thursday June 14th

Section I, Second Floor

2700 Tulane Avenue, (at Broad) This past week has been, unfortunately, typical. The "blip" that

Mayor Nagin spoke of in his State of the City has continued, at a rate

that will exceed 100 homicides by the end of June. From just this past week:

A nineteen year old, Persale Green, was gunned down with an AK-47 on

Tuesday night in the 1600 block of Baronne. On Saturday, Albert

Phillips was shot dead at the intersection of Spain and Marais. Also

on Saturday, Joseph Magee, 18, was shot and killed on 3400 block of

Touro. On Sunday Samuel Gonzales was shot at Napoleon and South

Claiborne. And on Monday nineteen year-old Daryll Williams was shot

in the head in Central City, and Robin Malta, a resident of the

Marigny, was apparently beaten to death in his home, just blocks from

Sound Cafe. Let's not forget them. (Friends of Robin will be gathering

Wednesday night at the corner of Royal and Clouet at 9pm.

From there they will walk to Royal and Port, stop by Robin Malta's home,

where there is already a small shrine. From there, on to Decatur and Barracks,

where Salon D'Malta is in the 1200 block, mid block on lakeside.) Nor should we forget that a year ago on June 17th, five teenagers were

shot and killed in Central City: Arsenio Hunter, 16; Warren Simeon, 17;

Iruan Taylor, 19; Marquis Hunter, 19; and Reggie Dantzler, 19.

Their killer may go free, too, due to a case built on testimony from

a reluctant witness. On a brighter note, last week's Speak Up program with students from

Rabouin and Douglass high schools was inspiring; the students who

shared their work are important members of our community and it was

terrific to see so many of you there to support them. Additionally,

we plan to bring our evening music clinics back for the summer,

beginning in July. If you are a musician who would like to volunteer

as part of this program, please contact us via email, or stop by and

leave a message at the Sound Cafe.


Ken, Baty and Nakita