Silence Is Violence

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Strike Against Crime (PDF)

A statement regarding the dismissal of the Dinerral Shavers murder case

Date: Fri, Jun. 29, 2007

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, we were shocked and disappointed--if not surprised--by the prosecutor's decision this morning to dismiss the case against David Bonds, the accused murderer of Dinerral Shavers. While this case has always been particularly close to us, it is not, unfortunately, unique. We will continue to fight for a dedicated commitment from all parties to bring a resolution to this and all other open cases in New Orleans.

The following is a statement from Dinerral's sister, Nakita Shavers:

"My family and I are not satisfied with the investigation and prosecution that have taken place so far. I understand the DA's decision to dismiss today, in that this decision leaves open the possibility of reindictment. I also understand the reluctance of the young witnesses to testify. It can be very intimidating, especially for someone so young. My family and I have every hope and expectation that the investigation of my brother's case will continue and will include all possible angles, witnesses and evidence, including the firearm ballistics for which we are still waiting."