Silence Is Violence

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SPEAK UP on the 6-month anniversary of the March

Date: Wed, Jul. 11, 2007

July 11, 2007


This week marks the six-month anniversary of the March to City Hall that inaugurated the SilenceIsViolence movement. On January 11, thousands of us walked, and stood, and cried, and let our leaders know that we expect more from them. Six months later, we are still not satisfied. We have seen some of our leaders increasing their energies and dedication to our safety. Yet many of our leaders remain aloof and ineffective. In the view of this organization, Mayor Ray Nagin and DA Eddie Jordan have been the most frustratingly quiet in the face of the violence that persists in our neighborhoods.

Today, SilenceIsViolence is sending a letter to the Mayor, renewing our request that he speak and lead more forcefully on the issue of violent crime in New Orleans. You can read this letter at the top of our website, and it will appear in the Times-Picayune on Thursday morning, July 12. If you agree with the position voiced in the letter, please consider making a contribution toward the cost of having it printed in the paper; you can do this through the donation link at the bottom of our website,, or mail a check to 2700 Chartres St, NOLA 70117.

Today and tomorrow, we ask that all of you also reach out via phone, email, or letter to any public officials from whom you would like to hear more on the subject of public safety. Many of you in our own neighborhood, the Marigny-Bywater, are still grieving the recent violent death of Chris Roberts and wondering why there has apparently been so little done on this case. Others of you have inquired about the Kentucky Street murder case, only to learn that the grandmother of young victims Damon and Ivan Brooks is being stonewalled by the DAs office. Whether you have a specific case or concern to address or just a general remark to offer, please raise your voice today! Let our leaders know that we still stand together as a city, united in our demand that they work harder for our safety.

Mayor Ray Nagin: 504-658-4900

DA Eddie Jordan: 504-822-2414

Police Superintendent Warren Riley: 504-658-5757

City Council Member At-Large Oliver Thomas: 504-658-1070

City Council Member At-Large Arnie Fielkow: 504-658-1060

City Council Member District A Shelley Midura: 504-658-1010

City Council Member District B Stacy Head: 504-658-1025

City Council Member District C James Carter: 504-658-1030

City Council Member District D Cynthia Hedge-Morrell:


City Council Member District E Cynthia Willard-Lewis:


City Hall mailing address: 1300 Perdido St., New Orleans, LA 70112

And if you are still nostalgic for the march itself, please join us for our regular City Walk this Thursday evening. We will depart Rue de la Course (3121 Magazine St.) at 7pm and walk through Uptown; the complete route is at

Keep our voices strong!

Ken and Baty