Silence Is Violence

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September 11th Weekly Update...

Date: Tue, Sep. 11, 2007

Hi, everyone:

SilenceIsViolence, a campaign for peace in New Orleans, continues to

enjoy extraordinary support from citizens and organizations throughout

New Orleans and beyond. Your support is so important to us and keeps

us motivated each day. This week, we particularly want to thank the

Alliance for Good Government for recognizing our work through the

Orleans Parish 2007 Civic Award. Thanks also to American Radio Works

for an encouraging recent broadcast on NPR; you can read the article

by following this link: This week the District Attorney's office released prosecution

statistics pertaining to pre- and post-Katrina crimes. The numbers

were not exactly encouraging: Of 1,600 pre-Katrina backlogged cases

that have been resolved this year, 500 resulted in dismissals. Even

more disturbing than these numbers was the grossly generalized nature

of their presentation on the part of the DA. Our political leaders

need to look around and realize that New Orleanians are no longer

content with vague statistics and generalized, trend-oriented

commentary. We want hard numbers. If our leaders are afraid that the

actual numbers are too grim, that we will be discouraged if they tell

us the complete truth, they are not recognizing that citizens at this

point are assuming worst-case scenarios in the absence of clear

information. Concrete facts, however bleak, will empower us through

greater understanding, and thus a greater sense of control over our

situation. New Orleanians are paying attention like never before, and

we are prepared to act, along with our leaders, with an energy and

focus that is new in New Orleans. To our leaders: Give us the tools

to act, through information and by partnering with us. Pay us the

respect of true partners as you seek to stabilize the city. UPCOMING EVENTS

We hope to see many of you at two upcoming events sponsored by

SilenceIsViolence: 1. CITY WALK #12, Thursday, Sept. 13, 7pm: Black Pearl to Carrollton

START: Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, 147 Millaudon St., 7pm sharp!

Follow Millaudon away from the river. Turn LEFT on Hurst and RIGHT on

Hillary. Follow Hillary across St. Charles Ave. Turn LEFT onto Maple

St., then RIGHT on Adams. Turn LEFT on Oak St. and RIGHT on Burdette

to Plum St. Snowballs.

STOP: Plum Street Snowballs! Stay for a treat.

Transportation will be provided back to Mount Moriah Church. 2. FALL YOUTH MUSIC CLINICS: Tuesdays, 6-8pm, beginning October 2


Music coordinators for the upcoming Fall series of SilenceIsViolence

Youth Music Clinics will be on hand to discuss Clinic plans on

Tuesday, September 25. There will be a musical performance that

evening to kick off the new series. The clinics themselves start on

October 2 at 6pm and will continue each Tuesday evening until

Thanksgiving. We are currently seeking donations of instruments and/or funding for

the clinics! Please bring any donations to Sound Cafe, 2700 Chartres

Street in the Marigny, or donate via our website, A complete budget and schedule are

available upon request: email us at or

call 948-0917. Finally, the murder case of Dinerral Shavers will be back in criminal

district court this Friday, September 14. As you all know, we are

closely following this case. We will be in court on Friday and will

update you as the case progresses. Ken and Baty