Silence Is Violence

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September 26 weekly update

Date: Wed, Sep. 26, 2007

September 25, 2007

City Walk #13: Carrollton to Hollygrove

Thursday, September 27, 2007, 7PM

START: Plum St. Snowballs, 1300 Burdette St. at Plum. Walk up Plum St. to Carrollton Ave.; turn LEFT on Carrollton and RIGHT on Oak St. Follow Oak to Cambronne; turn RIGHT on Cambronne, the LEFT on Hickory. Turn RIGHT on Leonidas and RIGHT on Apricot. STOP: 83190 Apricot St. Reception at the home of Karen Gadbois.

Transportation will be provided back to Plum St. Snowballs.

Special thanks to Karen for hosting this week’s City Walk! Last night we welcomed parents and young New Orleanians who stopped through Sound Cafe to gather more information about our Fall 2007 Youth Music Clinics, which begin next Tuesday, October 2. We gladly accepted donations of instruments and a cash donation from Youth Music Clinics Fall 2007 kick-off and informational session:

Tuesday, September 25, 6pm

Sound Cafe

Parents are invited, with or without interested children, to ask questions, meet the Youth Music Clinic organizers, and sign up for subsidized private lessons to be held in the weeks following each group music clinic.

Please bring any donations of funds or instruments to this meeting! The clinics will start on Tuesday, October 2.

As the presidential race heats up, local organization Women of the Storm is seeking to secure a presidential debate here in the city. It’s sort of like a positive way to “keep the New Orleans brand out there” and to keep citizen activism at the forefront of national awareness about New Orleans. Please add your name to the endorsement issued by Time Magazine this week by writing to

The Dinerral Shavers murder case has been set for trial on November 26. The challenges facing the ADA on the case, Francis DeBlanc, as well as the Violent Offenders Unit of the DA’s office, have been widely publicized over the past week. SilenceIsViolence is in communication with the DA’s office and is seeking a means for citizens to have immediate impact on the ability of the Violent Offenders Unit to prosecute murder cases currently on the docket effectively. Stay tuned for how you can get involved.

Finally, SilenceIsViolence Co-Director Ken Foster has a new book out, Dogs I Have Met. Ken's work particularly focuses on the American pit bull and the counterintuitive evolution of this animal from beloved family protector to an image of violence in our society. Ken is actively involved in correcting misappropriations of the pit bull and other animals to the symbolism surrounding violence. Please join us (and many of out pit bull friends) for the book release party next Wednesday, October 3, at 7pm. The party will be held at Sound Cafe (2700 Chartres St.), and the Hot 8 Brass Band, close allies of SilenceIsViolence and also proud owners of several pit bulls of their own.

Ken and Baty