Silence Is Violence

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October 25 weekly update

Date: Mon, Oct. 29, 2007

October 25, 2007

Wow. The bizarre revelations in today's Times-Picayune regarding Eddie Jordan's possible connection, however tangential, to violent criminal suspect Elton Phillips has revived talk of his removal from office. These events have also placed those individuals and organizations—including several prominent politicians, community leaders, and public safety organizations—who recently declined to condemn Jordan and his office in an increasingly awkward situation. The least Mr. Jordan can do to thank those who resisted his removal during the summer scandals surrounding dropped charges and inept prosecutions is to be forthright in addressing what has occurred this week. What exactly is Jordan’s or his girlfriend’s connection to Mr. Phillips? Was he really so busy over the course of three days that he could not return calls from the NOPD on this rather important matter? Doing what? And why was Jordan apparently primarily concerned about the suspect potentially discarding his weapon on or around his own property?

The severe insult of the city facing the weight of the recent $3.7 million anti-discrimination judgment against Jordan’s office might actually be outdone by this new scandal. Even were Mr. Jordan the most capable of managers and prosecutors, it would be difficult for him to run an effective office under the circumstances he has created around himself. Yet we must not sacrifice continued attention to the cases that must be prosecuted on his watch. SilenceIsViolence intends to continue our collaboration with Bobby Freeman and the DA Violent Offenders Unit in order to sustain citizen engagement and input in violent criminal cases in our city. For more information, see our October 1 statement, posted on our website,

Meanwhile, please join us tonight for our City Walk through Northwest Carrollton and Hollygrove. The Trinity Christian Community will host a culminating reception for walkers, neighbors, and the 2nd District NOPD officers who have been so supportive of our presence in the district. The walk begins at 6pm; here is the complete route:

START: Residence of Karen Gadbois, 8319 Apricot St.

Walk out Dante to Apple St.; turn RIGHT on Apple. Cross Leonidas St. and turn RIGHT on Hamilton. Cross Earhart then turn RIGHT on Olive St., LEFT on General Ogden, and RIGHT on Stroelitz. Turn LEFT on Leonidas and cross the footbridge over the canal. Turn RIGHT on Dixon to Joliet St.

STOP: Trinity Christian Community, 3908 Joliet St.

We hope to see you, and to hear from you as the Orleans Parish criminal justice saga continues…

Ken and Baty