Silence Is Violence

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Holiday Update

Date: Fri, Jan. 04, 2008

Hi, everyone.

Excuse the sudden holiday hiatus in our communications over the past couple of weeks. We have been in the process of reorganizing SilenceIsViolence, and of developing plans for the one-year anniversary of the March for Survival to City Hall that started this movement. Here are some of the results:

SilenceIsViolence Co-Directors Baty Landis and Ken Foster have invited a formal Board of Directors to take over the long-term vision and planning for the organization. This Board has met twice, has elected officers, and has already been instrumental in setting a course for the next twelve months.

Most immediately, the Board has decided to mark the January 11 anniversary of the March for Survival with two events: a mid-day press conference, during which we will introduce the board, provide a statement regarding progress and continuing challenges in public safety over the past year, and re-establish our mission and goals. That evening, Nakita Shavers, a member of the SilenceIsViolence board as well as founder of the Dinerral Shavers Educational Fund, is organizing a banquet in Dinerral’s memory and to benefit the Fund.

You will soon be hearing from us with more details about both of these events. For now, please enjoy a safe holiday and accept our warm thanks for the steadfast support and encouragement so many of you have shown over the past year, as we have sought to engage citizen voices and energies in the pursuit of a safer New Orleans.


Ken and Baty