Silence Is Violence

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Strike Against Crime (PDF)

United For Peace Gathering

Date: Fri, Jan. 30, 2009

Dear Friends, On Saturday, January 31st, at 10 in the morning, we will gather at the statue of Martin Luther King (MLK and S. Claiborne) to hear the dreams of our citizens. From there, we will march to the place of the meeting of the minds, where we will discuss how to make Martin Luther King Boulevard a Neighborhood of Nonviolence and a Street of Peace. If we concentrate all our peace ideas, thoughts and actions on the surrounding community, Martin Luther King Boulevard will stand as a glimmering monument of hope through out the city, the nation and the world. In the meeting, we want for our circle to be a collection of preachers and poets, artist and philosophers, mothers and fathers, saints and sufferers, wandering youth and future leaders. At our gathering, we want to see the Beloved Community come alive right there before us. We at United for Peace in New Orleans would like to give our all to the dream of peace so we will make our art the start of building the Neighborhood of Nonviolence. First, we offer free artwork to any mother or youth who attends the meeting. Second, to the person or group or school who brings the most New Orleanians to the meeting January 31st, we the altruistic artist will offer to create all the art you can imagine for two weeks. This means for two weeks, we will paint whatever you desire (a family portrait, a pet portrait, a mural, a picture on a car.) and/ or write stories, poetry or songs (perhaps for your loved one for Valentine's Day or for your mother for Mother's Day). We strive to serve your thought in our art. So on Saturday, January 31st, let our wealth of art produce a wealth of ideas and an abundance of action. Let us create our greatest community, let us bring our peaceful people together and let us dream, think and act to build the Beloved Community. Call or email Charles Anderson for a flyer of the event. Cell: (908) 328-7956 E-mail: