Silence Is Violence

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Silence The Violence: a poem

Date: Mon, Feb. 16, 2009

Silence the Violence

Maybe you can help with this plight,

Brother against brother, that's not right,

Wake up people, see the light.

Drugs, gangs, hate & guns,

Victims and families this all stuns,

This is not what we should teach lil ones.

"Vengeance is mine", said the Lord

You wanna sho' ya boys ya hard?

Don't do a drive-by with kids in the yard.

Snuff out life like it has no worth,

Forgetting the mother that gave birth,

She has to put 'em to rest in the earth.

Tears of grief streaming down her face, Childhood memories she can't erase, A child lost she could never replace. Let's all Live, Laugh & Love, Knowing that judgment is above, We could all live peaceful as a dove. Copyright ©2006 Sharon M Karriem