Silence Is Violence

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Micheal Anderson

Date: Mon, May. 31, 2010

The unjust conviction of Micheal Anderson by a corrupt D.A. demostrates that "the status quo" is alive & well, and organizations/groups/clergys are never going to stand up and speak against the injustice carried out by one of your kind!!! And I denounce you all by the very name of your group! And you would think that due to the injustice shown Micheal, the D.A. would own-up to this miscarriage of justice, but what does he do, but appeal to his cronies in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal {Where he just left} to reverse the decision of Judge Lynda Van Davis, because he has no evidence to re-try Micheal. Why aren't you all marching in the streets behind this injustice. You marched when you all felt that crime was getting out of control. Or when a father killed his son. Is white-folks off limits to your marches?