Silence Is Violence

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Strike Against Crime (PDF)


Date: Thu, Dec. 18, 2008

MARCH OF THE SUPERHEROES is an initiative by I.C.E. Studios to get the community involved in taking back the streets of New Orleans. I.C.E. Studios, Inc. strives to provide real life positive role models to at risk youth in the Greater New Orleans area and provide an alternative to gangs and crime. I.C.E. Studios was formed with the intent to raise the issues of violent crime and injustice in the community, propose a solution, and educate our youth on alternative methods of conflict resolution, as well as alternative and healthy methods of self-expression, i.e., film and television production. I.C.E. Studios and THE BLACK GHOST have recently become a part of a growing online movement known as "Real Life Superheroes". These are individuals and groups that perform heroic deeds and community service under a superhero identity. Superheroes have been an integral part of American culture since the late 1930's, and were intended to inspire the public and to give them something to hope for. They filled not just the minds of children, but adults alike with wonder and amazement. They taught our children that it was okay to be a "good guy". We want to regenerate those feelings in today's society. Ever since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a massive crime-wave has struck the Crescent City and has impeded the recovery efforts. In 2007, there were over 200 murders in New Orleans. Many of these crimes were committed by teens. Why? Why are so many teens becoming either perpetrators of violent crime, or victims? The answer is: they have no heroes to inspire them or emulate themselves after. They have no true role models. But we can change that. Together. Superheroes from all across the country will converge on the streets of New Orleans, speaking in one voice that, "The Violence Must Stop!" Just wanted to give you an update on the events coming this Monday. MARCH OF THE SUPERHEROES • 7-8 AM Participants will gather in the 500 Block of St. Peters Street, directly adjacent to Jackson Square • 8 AM – Participants will begin the March Parade route will be as follows: • St. Peters Street to Royal Street • Royal Street to St. Louis Street • St. Louis Street to Rampart Street • Rampart Street to City Hall Estimated time of march: 1 hour Upon arrival at City Hall: • United States Marine Corps Color Guard will present Colors – National Anthem Emcee Chaim Lazarus will open with a short welcome and introduce guest speakers: • Captain Marlon Defillo or Superintendant Warren Riley (subject to change) • Baty Landis of SilenceIsViolence • Robert McClintick Regional Director of The Guardian Angels • Judge Leon Cannizzarro • Jim Bernazzani (not confirmed as of yet) RLSH member "Civitron" will then introduce final speaker: • The Black Ghost The Black Ghost will give a short speech addressing community involvement in dealing with juvenile violence, and recognizing all of the Real-Life Superheroes that assisted in putting this event together. A representative of the Mayor's office will then come out and present a proclamation declaring October 13th as the Official Day of The Superhero, and will recognize the Black Ghost as an Ambassador of Goodwill for the City of New Orleans. A representative from the City Council will also make a proclamation, as well as a representative from State House of Representatives. Estimated time of event: 1 hour THE BLACK GHOST and other members of the Real-Life Superhero community will be volunteering with Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, October 11th, in Central City. This event is extremely important, especially to our younger children who are still in the impressionable stages of their lives. By offering them a real-life superhero that they can model themselves after, may make the difference in their gravitating toward positive ideals and goals rather than negative. If you would like to learn more about us, visit our website: The rooms have been processed for booking online at or with the toll free reservations department at 1-877-782-9444 (877-stay-hgi). The SRP (special rate plan) code is "March" and those booking online will need this code in order to receive the discounted rate. And, for those calling in reservations, they need to ask for the "March of the Superheroes" rate which is $99.00 per night.