Silence Is Violence

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I will Never forget Wendell Allen

Date: Fri, Jun. 01, 2012

I taught Wendell at Douglass He was in three of my classes. He was a big gentle giant, always quick with a smoke and a laugh. He worked to keep his friend free of drugs and guns. He was always ready to give a helping hand and took his studying seriously. My heart has been breaking for a week now. The best of the best has been violently taken. He deserves justice for this. The policeman has had a week to get his story right. Wendell doesn't. They are trying to make him look dirty. HE WAS NOT. If the officer was not in NOPD he would not be protected. This must stop.

Please tell the family that connecting with the boy who shot at police first makes Wendell look guilty. That boy was looking to get killed. If you shoot first expect to be dead. Wendell stands alone just fine. Did in life and will seeking justice, because his Douglass family, friends,and people who are just finding out about him, know He was innocent.

If there is anything I can personally do please let me know. He always had my back n now its my turn.

Sparkie Miner


New Orleans