Silence Is Violence

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Strike Against Crime (PDF)

Are the police REALLY focused on violent crime?

Date: Fri, Jun. 01, 2012

I walk down Canal Street Mon-Fri and notice that there is a police car on Basin at Canal each day, just sitting there with an officer in the car. Basin becomes Elk Place once it crosses Canal and there is road work being done to Elk Place. Therefore, there are two sets of barriers to stop people driving from Basin across Canal and onto Elk Place - one large set in the middle of Canal and another behind it at the start of Elk Place. So, my question is, why is there a police vehicle, with officer parked there every day? Do they think that people are going to run two sets of barricades? For what? I see this kind of perplexing allocation of NOPD resources often and suggest that maybe they could be approached to look at how they allocate resources and REALLY concentrate on violent crime.