Silence Is Violence

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Victim Allies Project (VAP)

The SilenceIsViolence Victim Allies Project provides victims of violence and families of homicide victims with emotional, logistical, and material support, including assistance navigating the Orleans Parish criminal justice system. The Victim Allies Project assesses the individual needs of victims who seek our support; then we help summon resources and attention to their cases through direct communication with the DA's office, the New Orleans Police Department, the Department of Justice, and/or Crimestoppers. Grief support groups, advocacy with funeral homes and the State Reparations Board, and general emotional support are also part of what the Victim Allies Project does for clients. All of these services are free.

THE 19 FUND: In response to the tragic shootings during a neighborhood celebration in New Orleans on May 12, 2013, four local non-profits came together to form The 19 Fund. They are Gambit's Foundation for Entertainment Development and Education, Tipitina's Foundation, United Way of Southeast Louisiana, and SilenceIsViolence. Together this group is raising money and awareness for the benefit of victims of violence in the Greater New Orleans area. All services and funding are administered through SilenceIsViolence, with fiscal sponsorship by the United Way. The 19 Fund is an important new component of the Victim Allies Project.

CLICK HERE for details about The 19 Fund.

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